Miller Milling Adds Innovation and Technical Center in Saginaw, Texas.

William Untereker
Director of Legal & PR
Miller Milling

Miller Milling Adds Innovation and Technical Center in Saginaw, Texas.

The new center will serve all five of the company’s mills and add flexibility to test and produce a wide array of products to its current customer offerings.

BLOOMINGTON, Minn., January 10, 2024 – Miller Milling Co., a leader in the milling industry, has broken ground for its Innovation and Technical Center in Saginaw on December 18. The center, located at 176 Fairmount Street, will serve all five of the company’s U.S. mills, 2 of sister company Rogers Foods’ mills in Canada, and be available to its customers.

The center will enable the testing and analysis of baking processes from grain to baked goods across a wide range of flours and products. It will include a small-scale mill that can replicate the grain production of the company’s large mills and a full bakery that will greatly enhance the company’s customer offerings.

The Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kevin Sebby, explained, “Adding the Innovation and Technical Center allows us to gather valuable data about our products and bring more proactive solutions to our customers, whether they purchase by the bag or in bulk.”

Customers will also be able to gain expert advice and insight into product development through in- house testing and opportunities for production improvements.

“Being able to own these processes in-house lets us bring tangible benefits to both our mills and our customers,” says Sebby. “We’ll be able to have timely data for the mills and bring more support to our customers of all sizes, testing flours used and doing everything from troubleshooting to baking up a wide variety of products on site. One good example is the rise of products using the process of regenerative agriculture. If we’re introducing a flour or a product to a customer, we can bring them in, bake the products, and show results against a conventional product.”

Frank Dale Construction of Southlake, TX, is leading the project. The building is scheduled to be completed in late 2024.

For more information on Miller Milling’s operations, visit https://millermilling.com/.

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