Commitments should be top priority. Not top secret.

An enthusiasm for growth is at the heart of our business. And we’re proud to wear it on our sleeves. In the spirit of responsible growth, we want to share with you the sustainability initiatives happening today, inside our very own mills and in our communities. Tomorrow’s initiatives might be another story. But that just means we’re making progress.

How we work: Carbon Reduction


We believe in promoting a safe and efficient workplace.

What we’re doing about it:
  • Investing in quality equipment that optimizes production, creates less waste and minimizes Miller Milling’s impact on the environment
  • Advancing the automation of equipment, which increases efficiency, safety and optimization
  • Leveraging smart packaging in all aspects of operations
  • Evaluating opportunities for full-cycle packaging or certifications to preserve food quality and safety
  • Ensuring employees have free access to exemplary protective equipment to safely perform their jobs
  • Providing industry-leading benefits packages

Energy Efficiency

We believe in energy conservation and optimization.

What we’re doing about it:
  • Investing in renewable energy sources, like solar, with potential battery capacity to efficiently use the generated energy throughout the day
  • Partnering with our logistics providers to fuel their fleet with liquefied natural gas (LNG) vs. diesel fuel to allow more product to be shipped per load, resulting in a reduced overall CO2 footprint
  • Replacing inefficient diesel railcar movers with emission-free and energy-efficient electric railcar movers
  • Accepting opportunities with local energy providers to participate in their programs and learn from their expertise
  • Developing technology that can optimize the energy used in the manufacturing of specific products, including reusable GPS delivery
  • Creating dedicated plant energy teams, whose mission is to pinpoint inefficient equipment and energy losses via “energy scavenger hunts,” perform air-loss studies and leak repairs, make LED and motion-activated-lighting upgrades, and implement more efficient motors and variable-frequency drives (VFDs)

Bühler Group Case Study

In partnership with the Bühler Group – an international manufacturer with expertise in efficiency – we’re using data acquisition and analysis to make our mills more efficient and sustainable.

Buhler logo

Fresno Case Study

  • Our Fresno, CA, mill is home to a 1-megawatt, 4.5-acre solar array — with room for potential growth
  • The array generates about 17% of the facility’s overall electrical needs
  • Next step: 10% increase in energy efficiency over a five-year period through the U.S. EPA Energy Star program

The future we’re building together: Regenerative Practices

Ag Sourcing

We believe in supporting the purposeful and practical implementation of regenerative agriculture practices.

What we’re doing about it:
  • Partnering with customers, producers and growers who support regenerative ag (regen) practices
  • Investigating emerging certifications and advancements in regen as the industry continues to explore and define
  • Defining and tracking our own criteria for regen – based on internal R&D, environmental studies and industry best practices – to include existing and emerging trends in no-till farming, cover cropping, crop rotation, biodiversity and R&D of wheat varieties
combine tractor

Who we are: Supporting People

Community Impact

We believe in giving back to our community.

What we’re doing about it:
  • Participating in local community volunteer efforts, both individually and as an organization, ranging from beach and street cleanup efforts to assembling beds for shelters, volunteering at food re-packaging centers, as well as collecting and donating school supplies for underfunded school districts
  • Donating to organizations that give back to the community, including sponsoring the Saginaw Train and Grain Festival Bake-off competition, Ronald McDonald House, Marjaree Mason Center and Ruiz 4 Kids
  • Supporting milling industry education and growth programs, including the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) International Millers Education Fund (IMEF)
  • Partnering with local charities in each region where Miller Milling has a presence

Professional Development

We believe in providing our people with opportunities to grow.

What we’re doing about it:
  • Offering strong, competitive benefits that start at sign-on
  • Upholding trust and transparency in the workplace
  • Championing diverse talent and best inclusion practices
  • Focusing on growth opportunities by promoting emerging talent from within the organization
  • Investing back in employees through forward-thinking occupational training and attendance at industry events