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Miller Milling about

At Miller Milling, wheat is an ingredient.
Not a commodity.

We may be one of the top four milling operations in the U.S. (and we are). But we don’t let that get in the way of treating your company like it’s our own. Because your individual needs matter. Miller Milling will work with you to find solutions — including flours — that fit your business.

Our Purpose

We define ourselves by our mission. It’s simple: to provide our customers with safe, high-quality grain-based products. More than that, our goal is to back up what we produce with exceptional service, carried out by exceptional, engaged people.

It’s been that way since we were founded in in Minneapolis in 1985. It was true when we became part of Japan’s Nisshin Seifun Group in 2012. And it remains true to this day. No matter what, we’ll always be Miller Milling. Find out why below.

About purpose

You can’t taste sustainability.
But it’s part of our recipe.

It’s not just our flour that makes us different from other mills. It’s our commitment to sustainable operations across environmental, economic and social aspects of the business.

Miller Milling is a leader in automation and energy reduction. Our solar network is unparalleled among our peers. One of our mills is among the very first to be enrolled in the Energy Star Challenge. And it won’t be the last.

We have ambitious goals yet to achieve, like reducing CO2 emissions 50% by 2030. And we’re always updating our existing framework to incorporate emerging opportunities to exceed consumer, environmental and regulatory demands. Because ensuring that we have a safe, healthy world to live in isn’t just good business. It’s the right thing to do.

Our sustainability efforts influence how we work, the future we’re building together and even who we are. Check out what we’re doing to meet our goals below:

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Fresno Solar Renewable Energy

  • Our Fresno, CA mill is home to a 1-MW, 4.5-acre solar array — with room for potential growth
  • The array generates about 17% of the facility’s overall electrical needs
  • Next step: 10% increase in energy efficiency over a five-year period through the USEPA Energy Star program
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Energy Reduction

  • We have dedicated Plant Energy teams whose mission is to pinpoint inefficient equipment and energy losses via “energy scavenger hunts”
  • Miller Milling also works with local energy providers to participate in their energy programs and learn from their expertise
  • Next step: Air loss studies and leak repairs, LED lighting upgrades, motion-activated lighting, more efficient motors and VFDs
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Automation & Data Management

  • In partnership with the Bühler Group — an international manufacturer with expertise in efficiency — we’re using data acquisition and analysis to make our mills more efficient and sustainable
  • Developing technology that can optimize the energy used in the making of specific products
  • Next step: Satisfied customers, safer employees and improved overall sustainability

We start with doing what’s right.

Consider this our moral compass. Whatever the project might be, we’re guided by these four principles. Sure, they’re simple, but in our opinion, that’s exactly what values should be.

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Safety for our People, our Product, and our Environment

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Showing up for our Customers, Community, and each other



Partnering with our Customers, Suppliers, and Employees to achieve results

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Serving our Customers, our Team Members, and our Community

Want a career with us?

It’s not just a great work environment we offer. It’s also access to a full range of benefits that support you and eligible family members. Find out more about those benefits and check out job listings below.