Hearty Gluten Flour

This versatile mid-protein flour helps you create a variety of products from a single ingredient.

Hearty Gluten flour

Choose it for excellent fermentation tolerance, absorption, and strength. Good for straight dough, sponge dough and frozen dough. Use our hearty gluten flour for a variety of products from hearth breads, to hamburger and hot dog buns, to pita/flat breads, to Asian noodles.

Used for:

Asian noodles, Bagels, Breads, Breadsticks, Croissants, English muffins, European crusty breads, Hamburger and hotdog buns, Hard/Kaiser rolls, Hearth breads, Pita and flatbread, Pizza crusts, Pretzels, Specialty pan breads

Mill Locations:

Los Angeles, CA, Oakland, CA, Saginaw, TX, Winchester, VA

Moisture Content:

14.3% Max

Ash Content:

.51% – .57%

Protein Content:

13.1% – 13.7%