Pastry Flour

This versatile soft wheat flour has a slightly higher protein content and less starch than cake flour.

Pastry flour

Our Pastry Flour is a good choice for everything from pie crusts to pastas and salty snacks. Ideal for cookies, bars, cake, crackers, and more.

Used for:

Bars, Batters and breading, Biscuits, Brownies, Cake donuts, Cakes, Cookies, Crackers, Muffins, Pastries and pie dough, Pretzels, Quick breads, Sauces and gravies, Scones, Waffles and pancakes

Mill Locations:

Los Angeles, CA, Oakland, CA, Saginaw, TX

Moisture Content:

13.5% Max

Ash Content:

.47% – .53%

Protein Content:

7.5% – 9.5%