Bakers Flour

Bakers flour is a hard wheat, low-protein flour carefully milled for premier quality and consistent baking performance.

Bakers flour

Our Bakers Flour produces dough with good extensibility and handling characteristics, and is well suited to a wide variety of baking applications.

Used for:

Batters and breading, Breadsticks, Danish pastries, Dinner and soft rolls, English muffins, Hamburger and hotdog buns, Pita and flatbread, Pizza crusts, Pretzels, Specialty pan breads, Sweet doughs, Tortillas, White pan breads, Yeast-raised donuts

Mill Locations:

Los Angeles, CA, Saginaw, TX, Winchester, VA

Moisture Content:

14.3% Max

Ash Content:

.51% – .57%

Protein Content:

11.6% – 12.2%