Risk Assessment

Miller Milling provides all the same market-based services as the largest suppliers, with a personal touch they simply can’t match. Our in-house experts work with you to understand your pricing objectives, and work proactively to help you manage market volatility.

We use our futures industry expertise to help you efficiently manage your risk, making sure you get the best possible price through:

  • Options strategies
  • Forward pricing
  • Component pricing (based on midds, basis, futures)

You’ll also receive our proprietary Market Letter, to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the wheat market, along with authoritative analysis from our commodity traders. We also offer personalized seminars to share our insights about the commodity markets.

You can also choose an IRM (integrated risk management) program that gives you assistance with market timing and pricing. It’s customized to your needs, and manages all the components that go into a flour price. Contact our risk management team for more information.